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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Invest in the Stock Market safely

Let me go directly to my point, the second most safest way to invest in the stock market now is to buy life insurance with a feature of investment.

I am a license Financial Advisor of Philam Life Insurance, a subsidiary of AIA or American International Assurance, the 3rd top performing insurance company worldwide despite the fact that it is only operating in Asia.

When you buy a life insurance, your premium [net of the cost of insurance] will be invested in the stock market by the asset management of Philam Life. They are invested to the top 20 blue chip companies in the stock market. Its performance in the past 5 years never go below 10% per annum. Therefore your money will grow faster and could make you a millionaire besides you being protected and your family secured whatever happens to you.

There are a lot of products from Philam Life that you can choose from. Please do not be afraid to trust Philam Life since Philam Life has been awarded the "Most Trusted Brand". You heard of what happen CAP and etc., they closed business bringing along the dreams of the people who trusted them. But they are not an insurance company. They were just  pre-need companies and they are not supervised and monitored by the Insurance Commission. Unlike pre-need companies,  Philam life or Life insurance companies for that matter is being strictly monitored by the Insurance Commission to ensure that they can pay to their clients whatever valid claims made.

So if you now want to invest to the stock market without the risks a trader have, then get a life insurance from Philam Life, so please contact me if you wish to have a life insurance proposal.

Another vehicle that I am riding now to gain financial freedom is becoming a real estate sales affiliate of the Cebu Del Norte Realty Solution, a franchisee of the famous Realty Options Inc. of Cebu. So from time to time I will be posting here Real Properties that are for sale through our real estate company Cebu Del Norte and Realty Options Inc.

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