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Monday, October 5, 2015

Becoming a Financial Advisor is a vocation.

Becoming Financial Advisor is a vocation.

Most people call us insurance agents, or life insurance agents. We call ourselves Financial Advisor, as the financial world also calls us. That's how different people call us.

In the late 2012, i got my first life insurance.  And after that, I was recruited to join the insurance business as Financial Advisor. So in the second quarter of 2013 i became a financial advisor. Honestly speaking, or shall we say frankly speaking, I became a financial advisor because of the income potential. Yes, becoming a financial advisor is a good way to earn, especially if you know what you are doing. I talk to people to get a life insurance with investment component with only one thing in mind, to earn additional income.

Until one of my close friends became my client and in less than a year of getting that policy he suddenly died. That was the time when I am about to quit as a financial advisor. It was a painful death for the family because he's the only son. Her mother, a widow, have just retired from her job and spent her retirement improving and expanding the house, so that if she needs to go to her final destination, she has something to leave for her son. So just imagine how painful it is when her son suddenly died.

We in the barkada also felt his mother's pain because we are also close to his mother. To make the long story short, we all grief deeply to his death.

After the interment, I helped his mother filed a claim from the insurance company, in fact one of the barkada who is the most close to our friend who died also helped us in getting the necessary documents since he is also a financial advisor in another company. And after a few months of waiting, the company informed us that the cheque is ready. So during one of our financial planning events in Bogo City, Cebu we finally awarded the cheque to my friend's mother.

During the awarding, just right then and there, I felt something good, it's a strong feeling that I can never explain.  It really felt good knowing that you've done something that can ease the pain of a grieving person. Especially when she thanked me for it.

From that moment on, I realized that becoming a financial advisor is not just about earning money, there is a noble mission embedded on it. It is a noble cause, its a calling, it is vocation, it is now my vocation.

As financial advisor, our mission is to educate people on financial planning, helping them save and invest their hard earned money, help them prepare for the eventualities in life, protect families, protect their dreams, and most of all help make their dreams a reality.

All you financial advisors out there, go forth and lets do our mission.

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